Thin 13

a blog for teens who wanna lose weight with style!

Welcome! January 20, 2009

Hi, and welcome to Thin Thirteen!

I’m Minnie and it seems like I have been worrying about my weight since forever. I hate it and it’s really annoying, and I just want to be healthy and not have to worry about a thing. Do you ever feel the same way? If so, then this is the website for you.

I love to sing and listen to music (especially Demi Lovato) and I absolutely adore ice cream (my greatest weakness). Lately I have been trying to eat more healthily, and I am limiting my calories and exercising more. It actually seems to be working because I am now down to 120 pounds! It’s really hard being a chubby girl, who still has “baby fat”, but I’m here for you. I know exactly how you feel! We have to stay strong and not give in to candy and sweets- well, not all the time anyway.

I have a really cool big sister named Rachel and she’s the best. My parents also support me and we’re all having a lot of fun with this blog! I am a fashionista so I will always be sharing my style tips with you. =) Please remember that you are beautiful no matter what!

I luv you, girlies, and I hope you love my blog!


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